Sunday, May 5, 2013

Playing With Angel Fish

Today I'm experimenting with a wonderful tangle by Marizaan van Beek called Angel Fish.  This is a link to tanglepatterns where you will find the step-outs.
I'm usually attracted to the organic tangles and this one is no exception, it has a beautiful natural flow and works well in a large or small venue. It can be used as a border or turned into butterflies...the opportunities are endless. So I present Angel fish for your consideration, have fun, relax, breath deep, and enjoy the journey.  Please leave a comment below, and a link to your site where we call all share in the fun.~~Peace, Sue O.


  1. These look great looking forward to joining in with this TOW

  2. Those are nice I have not had time to play with many lately. I need to do that. :)

    1. Vanessa, the nice thing about the TOWs is the fact that they are all in a file so you can always go back and work on the ones you missed...or just start with today and go from there.