Tuesday, March 1, 2016

New Art Journal Project

I've signed up for some art journal classes just to spark some creative juices and "fill the well" so to speak.  Here is a link to the classes and a few photos of the projects so far. http://embraceyourart.com/one-badass-art-journal-workshop/
Week #1 Make your own BADASS Art Journal....way cool and so much easier
than I thought. Lesson taught by Kialagivehand.com
  I used poster board, tissue paper technique for color and blown ink.
The papers inside are a combination of many different kinds of paper. I will post my
weekly projects here....so stay tuned...same BADASS TIME same BADASS STATION.

Week #2 lesson by Nicci.CA Battilana
I wanted my first journal entry to reflect how I relate to my art.
And this quote by John Updike says it perfectly.
"What art offers is space...a certain breathing room
for the spirit."
I like to think that the Spirit is both heavenly and human,
 my spirit and the One true Spirit of God working in
tandem to create.
Week# 3 lesson by Nicci Battilana
2 page spread, watercolor background,
scrapbook paper buildings, collage items (dogs and flowers)
Identi pen, and white Uniball pen.

Week # 4  lesson by Cristin
2 page spread, white and black gesso, fabric,
vellum paper, silver card stock, wooden gears,
and metallic copper acrylic. 
Working #5 Lesson by Tiare Smith
2 page spread, white gesso, alcohol ink, plastic wrap technique,
Sakura Identi Pen, watercolor pencil, and grey pastel stick.

Quote...."Life beats down and crushes the soul
and art reminds you that you have one."
~Stella Adler