Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Tissue Paper Process #1 ~~A step by step photo guide to using Tissue Paper as a coloring technique

The supplies you will need to get started...
watercolor paper,
artist tape and a drawing board
or any firm surface to tape the watercolor paper to.

Spectra Art Tissue paper.
Gift wrapping tissue paper will not work.
I found this package at the local Art/Craft store.

Tape a piece of watercolor paper to your board.
Have a container of clean water at the ready and some large brushes.
Soak the whole piece of paper with water.

Cut or tear pieces of tissue paper,
place them in a container (I used a box lid)
The colors and sizes of paper are your choice.
I would suggest cutting and tearing your tissue
paper before you soak your watercolor paper.

Lay the tissue paper onto the wet watercolor paper.
Using a brush loaded with water brush over the pieces till they stick to the paper,
it's ok if the colors start to bleed .

Keep adding tissue paper till you
have the desired amount. 

Keep adding tissue paper, layering assorted pieces and colors on top of each other.
 Set aside to dry, the humidity in the air will determine how long this will take.
I would not suggest hurrying the process with a hair dryer as it may blow the
tissue paper off too soon. 

Once the watercolor paper and the tissue paper are dry peel off the tissue paper.
Do not worry if your paper is still a bit wavy...
simply lay it on a hard surface and stack something
heavy on top for a few hours. I use a stack of books.

Here is the final product...the colors bleed and meld into each other creating a really great surface to tangle. At this point I usually cut the large sheet into smaller ATCs...bookmarkers...postcards...etc. The paper in this photo is Bristol Vellum, it has a very smooth surface and is not as heavy as watercolor paper. The colors of the Tissue paper came out a lighter hue and did not blend/bleed as well as the watercolor paper. But it has a certain appeal.

These were done on watercolor paper, you can see how much brighter
the colors are than the Bristol Paper.